Suddenly, daylight starts to flicker, the air is somehow moving and the world slowly seems to fall apart. The little girl in the red raincoat, who seems to follow him for quite a while now, is standing at the end of the corridor, waving at him, pointing to his hands. As he opens his left hand there lies a green pill in it. Now the girl is smiling at him and slowly starts to fade away.

After a moment of thought, he takes the pill and closes his eyes. As he opens his eyes again he stands right in the middle of a clearing somewhere deep in the woods. In the pale moonlight, he recognizes the silhouette of a creepy building at the end of the clearing. As he slowly crosses the clearing the contours begin to take shape and he realizes the old lodge, which he has already seen before in his recurring dreams. As he looks up to the sky it seems like the stars were starting to dance. Without hesitation, Oddward enters the old lodge…


First Chapter of the BOOK OF ODDITY “Ecstasy Of Souls”

1. Pale Aurora And The Rhythm Of The Stars

The first chapter begins with the memory of a love affair that lasted only one night until dawn (Aurora) and where the name of the beloved is also Aurora. Oddward remembers his night with Aurora, when he was young and in his memory remained especially the observation of the starry sky. The glow of the starry sky and the rhythm of the dancing stars was their common song to which they danced. Oddward, now that he has grown old, still tries to remember that love affair but slowly loses sight of reality and his memories begin to fade (“pale”).

Aurora and Oddward in “Pale Aurora And The Rhythm Of The Stars”

2. Black Soul Mantra

In “Black Soul Mantra” Oddward embarks on a journey into himself, a raging experience, evoked by meditation and self-knowledge that confuses and fascinates him as well. Released with energy and insight, he already imagines himself at the end of his search for knowledge and now believes that he has found the essence of truth.

Oddward in “Black Soul Mantra”

3. A Taste Of Fire

After his trip into his own soul, Oddward is now unrestrained intoxicating substances. Full of energy, he plunges into a state of intoxication after another and takes great pleasure in the taste of “sin”. Even if he falls into deep abysses, he lets himself be seduced again and again. For the first time, he hears a strange, beguiling voice, which manifests itself as a ghostly figure in front of him. At first, he believes in a brainwave, but gradually he gets the feeling that this being is real and also wants to lure him into a trap. Despite all the warnings, he lets himself be seduced by the promises. Again Oddward thinks that he discovered the ultimate fulfillment and found the “golden essence”. Finally, he enters a mysterious portal that the guide opens for him.

Oddward in “A Taste Of Fire”

4. Waves Will Wash Away The Emptiness

Through the portal, he reaches a large wide beach, almost completely surrounded by the wide, open sea. At first, confused by the scenery and also scared by the great distance, he slowly finds peace in his solitude. Increasingly he becomes intoxicated by wind, rain, and thunderstorms and finally the sea-waves and the many meter-high waves at the end ensure that all thoughts, restlessness, and exasperation finally dissolve in the sound of the sea and are carried away by the waves. Before the waves break over him, Oddward thinks someone else is standing at the beach. Is it Aurora or is it the mysterious figure again?