This is the story of Oddward and his journey in search of the meaning of life, himself and his great love Aurora. Bored of his monotonous life in his hometown of “Skylightville”, Oddward is only too happy to take the chance on an adventure that presents himself when he miraculously receives a drug that suddenly catapults him into another world or time. Although he is fascinated by this new but somehow odd reality, scary things are constantly happening around him, which is why he tries to get back to his old, boring, but at least safe life as soon as possible. However, the way there seems to be almost hopeless, as it constantly gets lost and gets from one strange situation to the next. In addition, he has set his mind to find his past love Aurora again. Could she be the key to all of this?
All the experiences that happen to him on the way have a strong influence on his personality and the way he thinks about himself and the world. Anima is always at his side, a ghostly being who, as a kind of guardian angel, has a decisive influence on the path of his journey. Will he be able to find his way back home in the end? Then who will he be and will he ever see Aurora again?


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