Transition (confessions of a nihil god)

Idea & Origin

This song is the core of this chapter, because here the change between Oddward and Anima takes place for the first time. This is most evident when an unexpected break occurs after about a third of the song. Anima suddenly takes control for a moment and there is a different feeling in Oddward that he has not noticed in himself before. The distinctive use of the piano and the strings at this point symbolize exactly this otherness, which may seem strange but not frightening to him.

The tribal-like intro marks the beginning of a trip that Oddward unknowingly embarks on. The song is divided into eleven sections, with a repetitive stanza part and a chorus (“What have i becoming now…”), which is also repeated. In this, an intense moment of knowledge breaks out, which is why the song is strongly condensed at this point and the comparatively memorable melody stands for the knowledge gained. The fact that both voices sing together on the second run represents the completion of the transition. Then the circle closes again musically, in which the fast, oriental-inspired initial guitar riff is picked up again. The drum that fades away softly in the outro ends the trip, so to speak, but at the same time leaves open whether it might not have been all just a dream in the end.


Transition (confessions of a nihil god)

By the time i’m dreaming, i can hear these voices.
Hold on me and cure me and let me free.
Shine a light and wake me, let the dreams fell off me.
Twisting and urging the shadows are lurking in me.

She was here i feel her, disappeared, i’m feared.
By the night and during daylight she will be around.
I am here beside her persevered spellbound.
Now it’s time to let the curtain down to look right in her face.

See right through me cause now is the time to confess

Feel my heart is pounding beating down my drowning.
Hear my cries, that haunt me and warn me to
see my face is morphing, staring right into you.
Blinded, divided, the ghosts are united in me.

What have i becoming now
in this world of gods and true believing?
Where is my redemption now
am I here to save myself from yearning?
You and I together now
we are doomed to stay in this transition
shining like the morning star.

Cure your mind, keep playing leading role,
don’t be blind, get ready in control.
Use your gift, look through the wormhole,
feel the shift like echoes from your own soul.

Now that I know that my dreams are the other side of me
I feel relieved and redeemed from the burning owe.