On his search, Oddward meets many different people and creatures who accompany him from now on or at least exert an influence on his further actions and thinking.


You could call him a hero, but the many contrasts and dark sides in his life give him a tragic touch that shapes his entire being. Adventurous on the one hand, but on the other hand always doubting and always looking for his great love Aurora and the meaning of life. In his melancholy moments, he often indulges melancholy in his memories and at the same time worries about the future of humanity. A certain, inherent restlessness ensures that he always stays in motion and throws himself into every adventure that presents itself, during which he experiences many errors and confusions.


She is cheerful, courageous, self-confident and can enchant her surroundings through her mere presence. At least that’s how Oddward kept her memory. He was once madly in love with her and it is unclear why she suddenly disappeared from his life. What happened to her? Is she still alive? Did it ever exist or was it just Oddward’s imagination?


A kind of angel or ghost. In many cases, she acts as Oddward’s conscience, in a good as well as a bad sense. There is something beguiling and at the same time uncanny about her. Again and again she appears in different forms in Oddward’s surroundings, gives him hints or warns him of dangers. But he is still not sure whether she actually wants to help him or whether she is deliberately misleading him. She is a mystery.


Suddenly the little girl in the red dress stands before him. But where does it come from? Who is she? On the one hand, its sudden appearance makes it kind of frightening, but on the other hand, it also seems oddly familiar to Oddward. Besides, it’s just an innocent little girl. But why does she keep appearing in his dreams and what kind of strange pill she gave him and with which the whole journey has just started?

The Observer

Somewhere in the vastness of the galaxy is the space station of the observer. He comes from a planet that is not yet known to us, which is why we do not know its name. Despite the infinite number of light years that lie between our events and that of the observer, he still seems to be extraordinarily interested in the goings-on of Oddward and his companions. Due to his different origins, however, his view of things is completely different from ours, as he sees and interprets events from a different, distant perspective. It is therefore all the more worthwhile to take this alternative point of view and be enchanted in a very peculiar way.