Chapter 1: Ecstasy of Souls

Chapter 1: Ecstasy of Souls

Ecstasy of Souls
Ecstasy of Souls

Key data:

  • music & lyrics written by Fred Austin
  • arrangements by TNGX
  • artwork by TNGX
  • produced, mixed & mastered by TNGX
  • recorded in Oldenburg / Germany / Europe
  • release date October 31, 2018
  • duration: 23 minutes
  • Songs:
    • 1. Pale Aurora & the Rhythm of the Stars
    • 2. Black Soul Mantra
    • 3. A taste of Fire
    • 4. Waves (will wash away the emptiness)

Quotes from the studio

Fred Austin & TNGX

“This chapter is all about the state of euphoria – odd music for odd people”

TNGX & Fred Austin

The story behind the music

ODDITY’s first attempts at making music go back to 2017, when TNGX and Fred Austin passed the time in a combo called “Autumn Winds”. At the same time, however, the first song fragments were created, some of which can even be dated back to the years 2004-2008. During this period, Fred Austin, at that time still under a different name and against the background of his band “Odeon” at the time, was already sketching individual passages that reappeared in connection with the creation of THE BOOK OF ODDITY. These old fragments were combined with new set pieces and underpinned by electronic arrangements penned by TNGX. It was an attempt to break new musical paths, far from classic band structures or other conventional approaches.

In “Ecstasy Of Souls” the music was given priority over the story, but in the end the unity of both elements is what makes the special effect. This unique form of singing was a real novelty at that time, at least in this musical latitude, and brought completely new / foreign timbres to the compositions. This factor, as well as the fundamental experimental, musical orientation between different genres, has caused irritation for many listeners to this day and gives the overall concept a unique look. The result was a very special kind of musical ecstasy.

Fred Austin
Fred Austin in 2007, promo shot from “Traumruinen” (Odeon)

The songs in detail

Pale Aurora

1. Pale Aurora & The Rhythm of the Stars

Black Soul Mantra

2. Black Soul Mantra

A Taste of Fire

3. A Taste Of Fire


4. Waves (Will Wash Away The Emptiness)