The Project

ODDITY is an experimental music project with 3D animated video clips telling a fictional story named “The book of ODDITY – echoes from the void”. The project was started in 2017 by Fred Austin and TNGX.

TNGX and Fred Austin

The Story

The story is narrated continuously with the help of individual chapters and is located in a fictional world – but the world we know not dissimilar. Each chapter is a self-contained episode, consisting of individual sequences (songs), but they all relate to each other. There are several characters that gradually emerge throughout history. The main protagonist is “Oddward”.

Oddward in “Black Soul Mantra”

The Music

The music is not just an accompanying soundtrack to the story, it also works as a standalone Composition. Each chapter of the story is published as a CD and as a digital medium on various online platforms.

Oddward playing the guitar


The videos are primarily to be understood as music videos, but they always reveal a bit more of the story than the individual songs do for themselves. The stylistic devices used for visualization are diverse, but the focus is on the 3D animations in order to have as much freedom as possible when telling the story.

Rendering the Video “Lithium Dreams”