Funeral Stars

Idea & Origin

The song was one of the very first and followed a completely different compositional approach than the other pieces on the album. The structure is therefore comparatively complicated, which is also reflected in the rather unconventional time signatures and style changes. The structure is difficult to grasp when listening for the first time, but it makes it possible to build up a slightly higher level of drama, which leads to relief in the last chorus including a guitar solo. The striking opening theme from the intro finds its distorted echo in the outro, which gives the song a kind of bracket. Definitely the most complex and therefore the most difficult to access piece on this album, but there are also a lot of exciting details to discover here.


The dark hero is filled with a longing for death, which is only satisfied when he is already lying in his grave and waiting for death. Luckily, an unexpected glow from the stars gives him hope that he can still find a way to take on life.


Funeral Stars

I was at the bottom
digging my own grave
I saw the stars shining
But they seemed far away
so far away

I lay in my grave
Full of grief
Full of pain
Sourounded by darkness
just darkness

Then in my coffin
some light came in
Through the boards
I saw the stars shining
saw the stars shining

I believed in myself
the coffin burst into pieces
I spit on my grave
and I saw the birds flying

Full of grief
Full of pain
I decided to live
And the starlight shined on me

I still feel the pain
I still feel the grief
But I’ve found a way to live
found a way to live

My vision becomes true
I still believe in me and you
I still believe

I’ve found a way to live
To live like the shining star
like the shining star

In my darkest hours
I saw you talking to me

And I found a way to live
to become the shining star

Leaving my own funeral behind
so that my coffin burst