Pale Aurora & The Rhythm of the Stars

Feel the air is moving…

Idea & Origin

This song still contains some parts that were written many years ago and that have come together in this song in a wonderful way to form a whole. In particular the idea for the verse (“Come follow me into the night”) had been waiting for many years to finally be realized. The band “Enslaved” was partly responsible for this, because their album “Isa” had a huge impact on Fred Austin when it was released. In fact, there were some demo recordings with another singer for this song at the beginning. However, the collaboration was only short-lived and the stylistic direction changed massively afterwards. Compared to the other songs on “Ecstasy of Souls”, the song is quite simple and therefore has a certain catchiness, almost a pop song. Pale Aurora & The Rhythm Of The Stars is a very special love song and therefore exudes this special innocence both on the lyrical and on the instrumental level, as is usually only the case with debut works. A real classic!

Pale Aurora

“Please, just go on and dance with me move, to the rhythm of the stars”

Oddward & Aurora, the love of his life


Pale Aurora & The Rhythm of the Stars

Feel the air is moving
look up to the sky
when the stars are gathering
shining so bright tonight

Come, follow me into the night
don’t stop running until there’s no more light
Stay, my dear please don’t leave me now
may this moment last until the dawn
all the stars and all the trees
they will dance with us until we leave
every time i close my eyes and dream
I’m with you, lost in the night again

Dream, come to me again, will you
please last forever on
I long for you Aurora
please, turn the wheel once more
Pale are the memories, I have
you, are my endless dream
please, just go on and dance with me
move, to the rhythm of the stars

Year, after year passed by and now
I found shelter and have taken a vow
Time, time is drawing near, I know
what will be when I must go
Many pictures, many scenes
will tell my story, when I leave
and when the stars reform again
I’m with you, dancing in that dream

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