Time is running by so fast and we want to prevent the many small milestones from being forgotten too quickly. The timeline helps ensure that all important data is transmitted.


august 2023

Kings Of Dark Desires release “Fallen Hero

may 2023

Kings Of Dark Desires release “My Darkest Desire

april 2023

Kings Of Dark Desires release “The Dark Valley” and “Avantgarde


november 2022

Kings Of Dark Desires come to life and first songs take shape

may 2022

comic book (chapter 0) “The perfect drug” is released


december 2021

“Spiritual Transition” is released

may 2021

THE BOOK OF ODDITY is now also represented on facebook

april 2021

„Ambient Stars“ is released

march 2021

the video „Waves (will wash away the emptiness)“ is released

january 2021

re-launch Website


august 2020

the video for “Silent screams at sunset park” is released

july 2020

Publication of the article “Grenzenlose Ideen“ in Legacy – The voice from the dark site – Issue No. 127

april 2020

„The Modernist“ is released

the video for “Lithium dreams” is released

march 2020

the video for “A taste of fire” is released

february 2020

the “Welcome-Video“ is released

january 2020

the video for “Black Soul Mantra” is released

our You-Tube channel is launched


july 2019

THE BOOK OF ODDITY is now also represented on instagram

april 2019

the video for “Pale Aurora” is released


october 2018

“Ecstasy of Souls” is released

august 2018

Oddward takes the stage for the first time

july 2018

first website release


may 2017:

TNGX and Fred Austin begin work on “Pale Aurora & the rhythm of the stars”