Mistress Of The Dark

Idea & Origin

Right from the start, the song had a very special touch compared to the other songs on the album. The atmospheric, quieter intro initially seems to conjure up spirits from Gothic and Doom. However, the song then drifts in a slightly different direction. The black metal elements are not that strong overall, but the atmosphere is consistently dark and somehow threatening.
The powerful chorus also fits in with this, which has a brutal impact, not least because of the vocals and the lyrics. Through the quieter middle part and the melodic build-up that picks up speed. The energy is released in the final part, rounded off by a small but nice guitar solo. Overall, this song has a mystical aura surrounding it and the question of who this ominous “Mistress of The Dark” actually is and what she might be up to.

The music video that was created for this song may provide answers to this. The individual scenes were mainly filmed in Oldenburg, but also in a few other mysterious locations.
Of course, completely on your own initiative and with a lot of creativity, curiosity and the courage to improvise.


The trigger for the deep despair is the disappointment and rejection by the MISTRESS OF THE DARK. The dark hero wants to avoid experiencing such a deep injury again at all costs.


Mistress Of The Dark

Mistress of the dark
you broke my heart
The day I went mad
I saw behind the illusion
Romantic dreams
I hear you now

Calling after me
I feel you now
begging for forgivness
But I am already mad
fighting for freedom
beyond this illusion

You gave me the power
the power to live
I am fully broken
I never give up

Today I stand here
Full of pain
Full of truth
Full of sadness

On my own
Forever free
Spiritual power
joining me

Today I stand here
Full of wisdom
Full of sin
Full of madness

Mistress of the dark
I found you again
another dimension
I still cannot trust
You broke my heart
I will not forget

No forgiveness
for this endless lie
No forgiveness
for this betrayal
I prefer to die

Romantic dreams
of an outdated culture
The solution they promised
lost in hell
Mistress of the dark, stop raping my soul
I won’t let you break my heart again