Planet E (P.U. 303)

This is the place where it all happens. Apparently a kind of parallel universe of the known earth. Some things seem familiar, but others are completely strange. There seem to be different forms of time between which one can travel back and forth. Probably located in the near or further future, at least spaceships have already been sighted …

The Corridor

A strange, almost unreal place, apparently outside of space and time. Oddward gets here without knowing how and where exactly he is. The long corridor seems to belong to a very old, dilapidated hotel that apparently housed its last guests a long, long time ago. The dark corridor has something weird about it and therefore it is all the more strange when this little girl suddenly appears.


Skylightville is a medium-sized city with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The city is actually quite beautiful, but a little unspectacular and a bit run down in many corners. All in all, life is pretty good here, after all, Oddward even grew up here and somehow he is attached to this city. Many places in this city are charged with special memories for Oddward, such as the “Moonrise Bar”, where he got to know Aurora back then. He therefore has an ambivalent relationship with this city. On the one hand, it is his home and thus a retreat that offers him security and orientation. On the other hand, he always has the feeling that he is an outsider who doesn’t really belong here. If you think about it for a long time, many of the residents are actually a bit strange and almost look like from another world. You can’t get rid of the impression that something is wrong with this city, you just don’t know what it is.

The old lodge

A strangely old-fashioned place of longing for Oddward, to which he takes refuge in his thoughts and dreams. It seems as if everything that guides and directs him comes from this lodge, but so far it has always been empty when he got there. Something magical emanates from this place.

The Moonrise Bar

It is in this bar that Oddward meets Aurora for the first time and suddenly falls in love with her. The bar is in Skylightville, not far from Oddward’s apartment. It is actually his favorite pub, to which he often takes refuge when he has cabin fever at home and his thoughts are all too busy. Mainly tourists and students pass by here, which is entirely in Oddward’s favor, as it makes you feel relatively anonymous. At a later hour, the bar with its large dance floor is primarily used as a disco, but by this time Oddward is usually back home. The bartender Lloyd, who usually works when Oddward is around, has become something of a trusted friend for Oddward over time.

Cloud Platoon

Oddward first landed here when he woke up from his deep comatose sleep (Lithium Dreams). Cloud Platoon is a futuristic city through which countless energy and data flows run, resulting in seemingly unlimited possibilities. Everything and everyone is interconnected in a huge network, perfect synchronization. The city seems to be at the height of technological progress, but at the same time it also looks a little gloomy and lifeless. It is also worrying that hardly any people are visible on the streets. The feeling creeps in that not only positive energies are flowing through this city.

Sunset Park

The park is located in the middle of Cloud Platoon, but here it looks more like a small, green, independent island that has nothing to do with the rest of the city. However, the park is huge and away from the main paths very overgrown and secluded. The many signs advising not to leave the paved main roads under any circumstances are justified, but Oddward will ignore them for the time being. With not inconsiderable consequences, as it will turn out …

The Holy Yard

The holy yard is a peaceful place for contemplation and the fine arts. A spiritual aura hovers over everything. The people who live here either go about quiet, simple activities or are absorbed in prayer or meditation. Everyone is very friendly and polite to one another and there is a peaceful, almost family atmosphere.

The garden is full of exotic plants and animals. People live in small huts, with much of life taking place outside of them. In addition to the manual work in the garden and on the huts, a large part of the work takes place in a large temple, which is located in the middle of the garden. What exactly this work consists of is not known. It seems to be a spiritual work, in which a kind of energy is generated by means of the streams of thoughts of the residents who have fallen into meditation, which supplies the place. A large stone wall plaque within the temple serves as orientation and guidance for life and prayers in this place. Except for the heading “The Path of Dark Light”, the inscription is unfortunately not legible for outsiders.


Oddward ends up here after escaping from the holy yard. The site is characterized by an intricate system of tunnels underground. Many small and larger rooms, corridors and catacombs with different functions can be found here. It is difficult to find your way around here, since there is obviously no comprehensible order and no city map. Apparently, it is above all outsiders who have been rejected by the “normal world” or who do not find their way there or who have “revolutionary” thoughts who live here. The place is dark and raw, the people here are very direct, warm and seemingly honest. All residents are very individual and idiosyncratic.