In A Room With Ghosts

close your eyes and let the ghosts come in

Idea & Origin

As is so often the case with this song, the bass is the main theme, with plenty of other musical set pieces cavorting within the song. The main motif in the intro, which subsequently reappears in the verse, is based on 80s horror film soundtracks, which went very well with the content of the song.

At first sight we are dealing with a genuine horror story, but there is also another level. The ghosts mentioned play a certain role and are musically represented primarily by the choir entries in the individual verses. In terms of content, however, it’s only about ghosts in a figurative sense. Rather, it refers to the inability to communicate with others or the isolation of individual individuals in everyday life. The idea for this came during a train ride, during which the train suddenly stopped and at the same time the power and thus the light went out. However, many people on the train hardly noticed it and continued to stare at their smartphones, which had the effect that inside the wagon you could only perceive the shadowy faces bathed in blue light. A kind of scary picture!

The ghosts within the song, however, try to cast a spell on Oddward so that he becomes one of them. This drama comes to a head towards the end of the song, which finally leads to the ghostly finale that almost sounds like symphonic black metal. In terms of content, there is actually a kind of “cliffhanger”, as Oddward learns in the second verse that he should go to Sunset Park (“leave almost to try to find her sunset park will give the answer ”) to finally find answers to his questions. However, it is very questionable whether this will succeed. The solution can (possibly) be found in “Silent Screams At Sunset Park“.

“hold your breath, make a wish and you will become them



In A Room With Ghosts

Nocturnal howling
ice cold hands try to follow
blind eyes staring through the window
silhouettes fading
echoes of past things growing
silence reveals what is comming
after you

close your eyes
and let the ghosts come in

Feel, the tension rising
see what is lurking
hold your breath, make a whish
and you will become them
cold, the light is freezing
pale are the shadows
now its time to confess
that you are like them – ghosts

stay with me
I am the siren of your dreams
come and feed me
we are the essence of life and death
leave your dreams and follow
through the darkest windings of your soul

Obsession rising
conquer and stain the chamber
memories fail to remember
Exit on main street
leave fast an try to find her