1. Lithium Dreams

After Oddward has been washed away by the waves of the ocean, he is in a dream state. Here he gets the clue to visit the city “Cloud Platoon”, in which, thanks to the modern technology that can be found there, he will make new, great experiences, he will be part of a large network and his wildest dreams will be fulfilled and he will thus experience self-realization.
This idea puts him first in a euphoric state. Towards the end of the dream, however, the disturbing feeling that not only good things will happen to him there, but also gloomy things will invade his life along with the many positive feelings. He just does not know which …

Oddward discovers the new world

2. Low Level Lights

Oddward is initially still in a chamber in a troubled dream, where his mysterious voice advises him to continue dreaming because only here he can feel really safe and secure and it looks in the outside world/reality rather gloomy.

Oddward awakens awkwardly and he suddenly senses a change that has occurred during his dream state. At first, he fears that he has become blind, but realizes that it is only very dark and he is actually in the city of “Cloud Platoon”. He is alone in his room, he is disappointed and he hopes he will wake up in the presence of his beloved Aurora. With a heavy heart he can come to terms with the fact that this is now his reality and that he has to go on the journey, in search of himself or what he considers his reality. His mysterious companion, from whom he hopes at least a certain protection and who will show him the way, tempts him to venture out and reminds him that the eerie gloom that comes to him also comes from himself.

Oddward sets out to leave the room and immerse himself in the city, but first gets lost within the strangely many doors that lead him astray. A phenomenon, which he will encounter more often in this city. Finally, out there, he still has the hope of meeting somewhere on Aurora, but he begins to doubt more and more about his mission in this city. Gloomy clouds seem to grow more and more over “Cloud Platoon”. Oddward already suspects that he will not have much time here to find answers.

Strange things happen while Oddward is dreaming

3. In A Room With Ghosts

Oddward is intrigued and at the same time a little scared through the streets of “Cloud Platoon”. More and more he realizes that the hoped-for positive development and the gain of knowledge in this city will not occur. The inhabitants seem to be locked up and suspicious and mostly hide in their apartments, from whose windows you can only see pale blue flashes of light flickering behind the curtains. Insecure, he goes into one of the houses and enters a room in which it seems to haunt and where he with his questions/calls in the dark room ends into no real answers but only ghostly “whine”.

The ghosts try to persuade him to lure them into joining them and thereby enjoy all the knowledge and conveniences he can imagine. Torn by the promises made by the mysterious beings, he senses how he threatens to lose himself in the clutches of the spirits and slowly fades his memories of his real “mission”. When one of these ghostly beings reveals to him that all beings in this city gradually become ghosts the longer they are here and that the city feeds on the life energy and the information of the spirits, he escapes from the house and sets off the search for the place “Sunset Park”, whose name whispered to him an inner voice.

Oddward is on the lookout for ghosts

4. Silent Screams At Sunset Park

After Oddward has received in the scary room with the ghosts the reference to the place “Sunset Park”, from which he hopes to get answers to his questions, he goes right there. Once in the park, he receives hints from his mysterious companion who warns him not to stay there too long and to remember the way exactly.

Oddward makes his way through the park and gets lost. More and more, he realizes that he is increasingly losing his bearings, both within the park and generally on his journey in this city. In the park, he only hears scary, low-pitched screams that further unsettle him, and everything indicates that he should leave this place as soon as possible.

In his further introspection and review of the previously disputed path, he finds that all his previous striving and diligent progress has not brought him much, and despite everything, he is alone and desires only salvation. His mysterious companion encourages him to do so and urges him to flee quickly to find the “holy yard” where he will find peace. A little resigned, but still happy to leave this scary place, Oddward sets out again. His journey doesn’t seem to end for the time being …

Mind the warnings, leave the Sunset Park!