Odd music for odd people

The story of THE BOOK OF ODDITY is continuously accompanied by music, so that each individual episode is accompanied by its own song. The music works on its own and is published chapter by chapter. However, there are also certain storylines or compositional tricks that can be fully opened up by looking at music and history as a whole. The individual pieces are available directly via various streaming platforms or can also be ordered on CD from

If you want to find out more about the genesis or the meaning of the individual songs or releases, just click on the relevant chapter. We hope you enjoy your musical journey through the colorful world of THE BOOK OF ODDITY!

Ecstasy of Souls

Chapter 1: Ecstasy of Souls


The Modernist

Chapter 2: The Modernist


Ambient Stars

Chapter 3: Ambient Stars


Spiritual Transition

Chapter 4: Spiritual Transition


Chapter 5: Battles Below