Chapter 5: Battles Below

Key Data

  • music by King Orcus & King Victor
  • arrangements by King Victor & King Orcus
  • lyrics written by King Victor
  • artwork by TNGX
  • mixed & mastered by TNGX
  • recorded in Oldenburg / Germany / Europe
  • release date: March 8, 2024

The story behind the music

The Kings of Dark Desires recorded their first demo tracks back in 2004. Musically, they were still pretty primitive here, just drums (King Victor) and guitar (King Orcus). After that, the band buried themselves for the time being, only to wake up again around 20 years later. There will be a direct reference to the original phase in a song yet to be released.

Work on the new material began in November 2022. The musical orientation was initially aimed mainly at Norwegian black metal of the 1990s. In the further songwriting process, however, other styles also mixed into the music.

The songs were composed in a rather atypical way for metal. In addition to the individual rhythm and vocal structures, the keys and tempo specifications were initially set before guitar, bass and other arrangements were added. With this approach, a total of nine songs were created in a very short time, which together should form the album “Battles Below”. The album was recorded, mixed and produced completely independently.

The first song from the album “The Dark Valley” was released as the first single. Four more songs were gradually released until the full album was released on March 8, 2024.

Many thanks to everyone who is interested in “Battles Below” and who, like us, believes that Black Metal emanates a ritual energy that we cannot understand, but which empowers us for a moment to ascend into indescribable spheres, in which we can give ourselves the illusion that we are truly reaching for the stars.
Hail to the Kings – Eternal Victory!!

The songs in detail