Idea & Origin

All the effervescent energy and the strong desire to tear down walls characterize this song. The piece has a very classical structure. The scream at the beginning stands for the pent-up energy, which is discharged over several stages in the following piece. The intro and outro themes are identical and give the song a kind of festive framework.

In combination with the otherwise rather conventional structure, a wonderful contrast to the avantgarde label and content of the song is created here. And so what is revolutionary here is more in the simplicity and rawness than in sprawling approaches that break new ground.


Full of optimistic lust for battle, the dark hero in AVANTGARDE sings of the new world that is opening up to him and calls on others to do the same and join him in fighting for it.



In darkness we come
a place beyond time
Prepare for the fight
to open the mind

We search you now all
to follow the light
Inner fighters unite!

Inner freedom fighters
unite for the war
Against the structures
Against the law

Fight for the darkness
so light can come
and bring inner freedom
to everyone

Inner freedom fighters
it’s time to stand up,
so spread the word
ahead of time, the avant-garde

In darkness we come
a place beyond time
Pray for King Victor
and build him a shrine

Give love to your sins
and save your life now
Inner fighters unite!

In the light we go
to the place beyond time
Avantgarde is now real
and the earth recalms

The war is over
and we rule our land
Hail to King Victor
who opened the gate!

Ahead of time, the avant-garde!