Waves (Will Wash Away The Emptiness)

Idea & Origin

The basic idea for this song was to depict the intoxication experience caused by the impressions of nature or the power of the elements. With its purifying function, the song represents the conclusion and, at the same time, the summary (story and music) of the first chapter.

Also in this piece there are individual parts that have a long history. The chorus in particular, including its upstream and downstream parts, has been created and varied over many years. Originally, passages from this were intended for “Pale Aurora & The Rhythm Of The Stars”, but there was never a suitable transition, so that the song “Waves” emerged from it.

The basic musical theme is already given in the intro by the piano, comes in a modified form, e.g. in the lead guitar in the verse and especially in the middle part (waltz) to bear again. The latter part is, so to speak, the climax of the song and is introduced by a sound collage that anticipates the emergence of the cleansing waves. In contrast to the other songs on “Ecstasy of souls”, two-part guitars appear here. In terms of tempo, the song is divided into two parts: the intro, verse (“Winds blow …”) and the waltz middle section, as well as the slightly livelier chorus (“Water is rushing …”). The theme of the various intoxicating impressions of nature and the eponymous wave rhythm are also reflected in this interplay.

Overall, the song is much more epic and multi-layered than the other songs in this chapter. On the one hand, this is certainly due to the form of composing that has matured over time. On the other hand, the song fulfills its task as a summary for the first chapter and at the same time gives a foretaste of what should follow with “The Modernist”.

water is rushing
floating away all the fears
and the tears running

Oddward is carried by the waves


Waves (Will Wash Away The Emptiness)

Winds blow
and guide me to take me from you
away from home
empty my broken shell
and I’m waiting and longing just for you
mourning and don’t know what to do
breahting to stay alive
and I’m watching the rain is falling down
flood comes and drowning all I see

water is rushing
floating away all the fears
and the tears running
high tide is coming
heavy seas in sight
washing over (me)
ocean is calling
taking me back to the place
where my dreams will come true

Rain falling down
to the ground
and I see you
wish farewell my dear
see the waves rising/come in