My Darkest Desire

Idea & Origin

Although the basic tempo of this piece (110 bpm) is one of the slower songs on the album, which you also notice at the beginning of the song, an irrepressible energy emanates from it. The eponymous desire here is characterized musically by the rapid alternation of verse and chorus and by the almost non-stop continuous riff walls. Each passage springs directly from the previous one, so that the flame of desire symbolically arising here is kindled again and again. Only the last chorus, which is a modification of the first two runs, breaks through this constant fire, only to be replaced by an even much slower outro, which then finally closes the song. The melody theme from the bridge after the second chorus is taken up again and slowly fades away in the darkness of the night, with the last remnants of the fire blazing in the background.


The dark hero gets a glimpse of access to a new, previously unknown world and draws new courage. He regains his strength and is now accompanied by a new woman who helps him open the gate to the new world.


My Darkest Desire

Blood in my veins
Truth in my brain
My heart is calling
I know there is more

The connection is real
That is, what I feel
I need her now,
To open the gate

My darkest desire
becoming real
I feel what I feel
I am what I am
My darkest desire
becoming real

She comes in
and takes my hand
The dark mind opens
I feel the power

My heart is burning
full of truth
My heart is burning
full of pain

The pain is gone
My life is real
She is my dawn

The power of life
full of wisdom
The power of me
full of life