Kings of Dark Desires

When the world seems to be falling apart and mankind falls from grace trying to reach for the stars, figures emerge who bring about unsettling things and spread gloom.

Two of these figures are named King Victor and King Orcus. They have proclaimed themselves kings because they are able to hold a position in their world that promotes them to higher spheres. It seems presumptuous to use such titles, but if you take a closer look and feel the aura that emanates from them, you can’t help but feel a certain majestic magic. What seems outdated from today’s point of view becomes completely understandable on closer inspection, indeed almost indispensable. Because in a world in which all magic and fascination have given way to enlightened realism, spirituality and extravagance are regaining their luster and magic.

From this source springs a somber music that is both primitive and insane at the same time, taking you into an incredible world of demons, magic and desire, framed by a jangling soundscape that promises a welcome departure from all earthly madness.