First comic book published

It took a long time, but now the time has finally come. The first chapter of our new comic series adds a new facet to the almost unfathomable cosmos of THE BOOK OF ODDITY. The story of Oddward and his crazy adventures is finally told in depth and with many previously unknown details. Chapter 0 “The perfect drug” initially only provides the prologue and illustrates in many glossy pictures how it came about that Oddward embarked on his crazy journey and what the supposedly perfect drug is all about. Thankfully, the otherwise media-shy “Observer” has deigned to tell this crazy story for us from his omniscient perspective. And what we hear and see in the process literally takes your breath away. Now dive into the auspicious year 2062 and experience the strange world of Oddward and his comrades in a whole new way. Click here for our new section “Comics”