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Timeline is activated

Over the years all sorts of things have happened in the big wide cosmos of THE BOOK OF ODDITY and we want to prevent...

First comic preview

We are currently working on a comic to better illustrate the story around Oddward in more detail. However, it will take a while before...

New facts about the cosmos

We have added some new background information about the cosmos of The Book Of Oddity in the "Meta-section".

The Ensemble

Get to know the team behind the project and learn more about the individual roles that each individual plays in our new "Ensemble" topic.

New background information on the story

Immerse yourself in the incredible story behind The Book Of Oddity and learn more about the individual chapters, characters and locations in the story...

Music Update

Today we have renewed the "music section" to give you a deeper insight into how the individual songs were created. You will find liner...